Which ecommerce solution has the best widgets/plugins?


Optimization of websites requires updated plugins and the best provider other than WordPress. With the right composition of tools, you can transform any ordinary website into an online business superpower. If you are planning to build the best ecommerce platform, you might be indifferent as to which WordPress plug-in to use. To help in making that decision, Here is a compilation of some of the popular WordPress Plug-ins in the top 7 ecommerce platforms.

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  1. WP eCommerce

This ecommerce plug-in has been in the market for quite some time and is very effective in creating an ecommerce website. One of the most noticeable aspects of this plug-in is that it has the ability to customize HTML and CSS codes thus offering full control of your online store. Besides that, it also has a very simplified check-out process, an added advantage when it comes to conversion. It also features different payment methods and modes of shipment not to mention the fact that you can add additional features by upgrading or use of premium add-ons.

  1. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads is very effective in the sale of digital downloads with no extra expenses. It has a very effective reporting system through which a client can see his sales and revenues by use of interactive graphs in conjunction with relevant data tables. It also has hundreds of themes and extensions you can use to customize your site to specific requirements. EDD is the ultimate solution to the sale of digital goods or services given the fact that is has been developed with lose reference to WordPress coding standards.

  1. WooCommerce

This is probably one of the best alternatives when it comes to development of an ecommerce store. It features an impressive compilation of both paid and free extensions as well as themes. The advantage of this is that you can customize your online shop into user specific requirements given the broad list of alternatives from which one is able to choose from. This plug-in also features sales reports, review reports, a myriad of shipping choices, PayPal system and a couponing system. Management of inventory with this plug-in is also very much simplified. If you are after a plug-in that is very customizable, this particular one falls into that category.

  1. Jigoshop

When Jigowatt developed this plug-in, they had Small and Medium Enterprises in mind. Jigoshop comes with a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to optimize your web store in the least time possible. SMEs can now choose from a list of over 30 different themes to use when customizing their online stores. Besides that, it also features the following notable attributes:

  • Sales graphs that can easily be grouped or categorized.
  • Feedback mechanism on stock patterns.
  • Simplified inventory system.
  1. Ecwid

If you already have a new website and do not plan on starting a new one for the sake of online transactions, then this plug-in is your ultimate choice. This is the basic distinctive feature of this plug-in; it allows you to easily convert your old site into an optimized online store. It also allows you to manage other subsidiary websites from the main site. Ecwid is also universal to every device and can work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops alike. It comes with four plans inclusive of a completely free one.

  1. IThemes Exchange

Other plug-ins develops their own database tables for their clients. IThemes exchange however utilizes the inbuilt user system in WordPress to add client information to their online pages or store. The advantage of this is that you can easily use categorize customers by managing their downloads and online transaction behavior or patterns. Exchange uses Stripe as an inbuilt payment plan in addition to the fact that it also supports PayPal Standard. Like many other plug-ins, it also features many themes from which you can choose from. Those who prefer this plug-in can enjoy its full benefits by upgrading to the Pro pack.

  1. MarketPress

MarketPress was developed at WPMU DEV primarily to provide a simplified shopping cart with no need for add-ons or additional extensions. It combines different plug-ins into one standalone ecommerce platform. You can change different themes without having to make structural changes in the coding structure. MarketPress is unique in the following ways:

  • Many inbuilt store styles.
  • Estimated modules of shipment.
  • Goods personalization.
  • Ecommerce tracking.

With this plug-in, you can develop a personal network of online stores and get a commission from each sale made.


Plug-ins can either promote your online store or destroy it. In choosing the best plug-in to use, consider functionality with reference to your specific online store requirements. However, when using the above plug-ins, it will be an added advantage to include a FAQs page which will reduce your assistance expenses and consequently boost your conversion rate.

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