eCommerce platform comparison: Wix VS Squarespace


Ecommerce platforms today are dynamic and have continued to advance with time; it is in accordance to clients or customers requirements. Customers are looking for a platform that will grow with their growing needs. Before purchasing therefore, many ecommerce platform comparisons are done. However, it is essential to have the right kind of foundation on which the comparisons are made. Here are some of the factors to consider when comparing different ecommerce platforms.

  1. Template designs

These are essential in the development of your ecommerce store professional image and storefronts. They are also used in customizing your web page and in making it more attractive. The templates available in an ecommerce platform should incorporate business ventures of all types from hospitality, to medicine to photography, blogs and other media etc.

  1. Simplicity of use

The ecommerce platform selected must be simple to use; simple to navigate, issue commands, shop if for business, make purchases and conduct easy fast shipments. Having control over your creative designs on the platform with easy to conduct updates and automatic maintenance adds to the value of the platform.

  1. Customer and user support

This fundamental factor is a requirement in each platform. Absence of it means that the platform is not user friendly and user experiences are not smooth. Customer support increases sales, improves user navigation abilities on the site, and builds trust in the platform.

  1. Price

The packages offered by each platform and additional benefits are the most influencing factors when looking for an ecommerce platform. The price in each of the packages, the price offered, tools offered, duration and uptime are the main determinants in this case.

  1. Compatibility with mobile devices

People today are more into phones, android enabled smartphones and the ability of the ecommerce platform to convert, be accessible through a mobile or smartphone is an added advantage. The use of desktops is gradually decreasing and therefore targeting mobile users is crucial in the survival of any platform.


  1. Template designs

Wix offers over 500 professionally designed templates from a variety of industries and business and service professions. With it, it is quite easy to find the perfect match simple or elegant design that you desire. The templates in appearance depict professionalism and structuring the design you need is quite easy. If not sure of what you want, Wix templates are the best. You are only required to replace the content with your preferred content and you are done.

Squarespace has over 20 cover pages and over 40 professionally designed templates. The advantage is that these templates are quality and their designs imply custom make. In comparison, Squarspace majors in quality rather than quantity. However, personalization in this case is limited and the desired look may not be achievable.

  1. Simplicity of use

Wix provides a drag and drop kind of user interface. Any item to be placed as content is dragged and dropped on the website without any need for writing and developing lines of code. This offers the developer a lot of freedom and minimal restrictions pertaining to the site.

Squarespace is structured and restrictions pertaining to drag and drop are there. It also supports drag and drop interface for the user, but directs placing of content: next or on top of the other. If any other system is tried, the system puts it back in order. The learning curve for this platform is a bit advanced and so is its use.

  1. Customer and user support

Wix is highly advanced in this sector. It offers email, phone, forum customer care or support centers inclusive of a help center. They provide written texts, tutorials and other comprehensive assistance offering gear. You can learn and overcome any challenge you face.

Squarespace is also advanced even though they do not offer phone customer services. However, they have a 24/7 email support service with live chats and also provide user manuals and guidelines.

  1. Price

Wix offers around 6 packages. All these are in ascending order and in evaluation; the higher the price for the package the more tools, services and additional features you get. Wix has a free package and advertising is mostly done in it. To brand your site, you are required to update and purchase a new package.

Squarespace offers around 4 packages. Similarly, they are also in an ascending order.  It however does not have a free package. You are only given a 14-day trial period for free after which you upgrade to a paid package.

  1. Compatibility with mobile devices

Wix platform is compatible with mobile devices and therefore the site, can be easily accessed. Users and potential customers can also access the site or store once it’s developed. You as the owner have the ability to customize your design to fit what you want seen on the mobile.

Squarespace offers mobile compatibility. Access to the website by phone is similar and the display is attractively seen on the screen of any mobile device. The content does not have to be redone but automatically readjusts to fit the screen of the phone.


Choosing the best platform for your business is a make or break decision. This will help your business to have a competitive edge in the market.

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