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There is need for you to settle for either an open source ecommerce platform or a hosted solution while considering an ecommerce store. In this case, you’d consider BigCommerce and Magento, which are the most user friendly and popular options. Commonly, hosted solutions of the likes of BigCommerce are appropriate solutions for new and small businesses that want to cut down on costs. On the other hand is Magento which is an open source platform, and is considered more appropriate for the large online stores that prefer having the liberty of designing their site.

However, if you are undecided and happen to fall somewhere in between, this article has managed to capture a number of crucial aspects to assist you make the most appropriate decision, that will suit your e-business depending on your plans for growth and target market. Here is a comparison of the two platforms.

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Payment gateways

A payment gateway is simply a plug-in for your online store, which allows you to accept credit cards that to a greater extent depend on the service you deliver. You may be required to pay per your transaction or a monthly fee for you to access some services. BigCommerce in this case has an edge over Magento since it integrates with a wide array of payment gateways. Magento only integrates with a few payment gateways. In addition, the number of gateways you can use highly depends on the location from which you operate your store, and by this makes Magento more restrictive.


Both Magento and BigCommerce offer a decent range of free templates of similar quality. For BigCommerce, you can select from a larger range of templates, which also are easy to preview and apply. Also, some of the free themes offered by BigCommerce are responsive, to mean they can automatically display a branded version of your online store even on a mobile phone.

Magento also has mobile templates. However, if you intend to get the most from them, you will be required to customize them to a larger extent on your own. On the downside of both the platforms though, there is no obvious way of previewing mobile templates.

The good thing is that both of these platforms have customizable templates, which can be done via HTML and CSS. Thus, if you are comfortable with coding, you can make use of a free template by wiping it to your preferable shape. For those who aren’t comfortable with coding, you have the option of editing the template from your control panel, then changing the basic elements such as typefaces and colours with ease.

Ease of use

In terms of ease in use, BigCommerce is in another league considering the fact that it has a user-friendly interface, which outdoes Magento. Magento’s interface is not so bad nonetheless, considering it outdoes Volusion. Its ease of use however doesn’t match that of BigCommerce. This makes BigCommerce a better tool properly suited for users who aren’t so conversant with store building and web design.


The Magento platform has three packages i.e. Magento Go, Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. If at all you are a tech guru or possess some development skills, then Magento would suit your business. This is simply because you can change the core codes for the purpose of adding functionalities or features through the installation of extensions. However, the design of Magento is more appropriate for large corporations that deal with large orders and volumes of data across multiple stores, meaning it has been optimized for high-end servers.

The pricing of BigCommerce entails a slightly different structure from that of Magento. Its starter plan enables you sell a hundred products and also provide you with a server storage of 1GB. While your business continues to grow, you can upgrade the subscription. Irrespective of the level plan you intend to go for, BigCommerce may throw in Google Adword Voucher of £65. Its operation system is that of pay as you go. It doesn’t include contracts, making it more appealing to business owners. How to set up an ecommerce site


With the analysis of the two platforms cited above, you can safely conclude that for a start-up or a small business, a justifiable option that would perfectly suit your business needs is BigCommerce. This is due to its low package costs, possessing an interface that is user-friendly and having many template designs you can choose from. Also there are no commissions, transaction fees or contracts involved, which appeals more for the starters.

While the Magento platform is more customizable hence the capacity of facilitating more functionality, it comes at a cost. The good thing though is that you can decide to opt for a plan since they are offered in each and every month. Both platforms however have a free trial offer. It’s prudent that you do a bit of research before deciding on the most appropriate for your enterprise.

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