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Ecommerce Platform Comparison: Shopify VS Volusion

It’s important to select the correct ecommerce platform to create and also operate your web store. This is a decision which will spell the difference between the chaos or comfort as well as the loss and profit for your business, and especially if you have access only to limited resources or just operating a small business.

Shopify and Volusion are two popular and fairly powerful ecommerce store management and creation platforms. Their comparison may not be as straightforward especially with the vast amount of information they display whenever you log in. They both have their pros and cons and it’s almost impossible knowing the exact perfect one for you. It however would be unfair saying one ecommerce site is better than its counterpart without first trying them both. This article on ecommerce review and comparison tries to outline some key aspects to aid your decision making, whether to go for Shopify or Volusion.



A professional design, which inspires trust and credibility is a really important tool for an ecommerce store. It’s human nature being drawn to things that are better-looking. Shopify themes are updated and appear modern yet professional, giving a great impression to prospective customers. Shopify has invested in hiring professional designers to do their ecommerce store theme designs, which are also mobile phone responsive. Volusion offers more free themes than Shopify. Both however offer premium themes starting at similar price of $80. Shopify and Volusion offer some good responsive templates, either free or paid, to keep in line with the requirement of a responsive web design.

Online store functionality

Shopify and Volusion both offer basic store functionalities, which are quite powerful and easy to setup, maintain and even use over time. Shopify has however been widely regarded and found to be somehow easier to use than Volusion. This however is a matter of individual opinion.

Managing Inventory

All of the Shopify’s Plans do allow addition and sale of unlimited quantity of items through your store. Volusion on the other hand has a ranked structure where they offer unlimited products on their top-of-line plans only.

Shipping charges calculation

Both Shopify and Volusion allow flexible but powerful options to calculate shipping charges. This is one of the most essential aspects especially in the sale of physical goods by online ecommerce stores.

Payment gateways

Shopify supports 70 payment gateways, giving it a significant edge over Volusion, which supports slightly over 30 payment gateways.

Coupons and Discounts

Shopify doesn’t provide for coupons and discount codes on their Lite plan as opposed to the other plans. Volusion however allows discount codes calculation and creation on all their plans.

Add-ons and Apps

Both platforms provide a mix of free and paid apps or add-ons. Shopify however is at a slight advantage with over 100 add-ons and apps (Volusion has fewer than 100 apps and add-ons), which enhances its functionality as an online store.

Ability to customize

Both ecommerce platforms offer rich customization capabilities. This is through an advanced interface to directly edit CSS/HTML codes, which gives you complete control over your store’s design, look and feel. Shopify again has a slight edge over Volusion as it provides a simple menu to easily adjust your store’s basic attributes. In the case of Volusion, you will need specialist knowledge to edit raw CSS/HTML codes so as to customize your theme.

Multi-lingual ability

Volusion has an advantage over Shopify regarding multi-lingual capabilities. Shopify makes available 3rd party or paid apps to create multi-lingual stores and do not offer such capabilities directly. Volusion on the other hand has inbuilt multi-lingual support, though its custom coding capabilities aren’t in simple mode (requires CSS/HTML Coding skills).

SEO features and capabilities

Both ecommerce sites offer far-reaching SEO capabilities to drive more traffic to your site. However, Shopify’s SEO features and even benefits are more potent compared to Volusion’s.


Both Shopify and Volusion provide inbuilt blogging functionality.

Ease of Use

Shopify and Volusion are both easy-to-use and great ecommerce platforms for store building, as they come with well-designed user interface, which allow users setup their online stores within a short span of time. Shopify’s wizard mode allows novice users to create their stores with much ease, a feature lacking in Volusion.


While Shopify offers phone support on all its plans, Volusion offers an online support on all its plans but mobile phone support available only on their $35 Plus Plan. Shopify’s support is 24/7 similar to Volusion’s support service via phone, email or live chat.


Shopify’s plans start at monthly rate of $29 for the Basic Shopify Plan. This progresses to Shopify Plan of $79 then Advanced Shopify Plan for $299.

Volusion monthly fees are; Mini Plan at $15, Plus Plan at $35, Pro Plan at $75 and Premium Plan going for $135. You get more bandwidth and tools as you progress up the plans.


Picking the right ecommerce platform builder for your enterprise is not merely a simple decision. Both Shopify and Volusion are powerful and among the best ecommerce platforms. Shopify has an edge over Volusion with its better ease-of-use, SEO, superior customization and more powerful capabilities.

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