Top Ecommerce Software for Do-It-Yourself Businesses


Business entities in the past, present, near and far future have had and will have diverse ecommerce software requirements. This especially is highly dependent on the set budget for the software development, products to be sold on the online store, the hosting type of service, amount of growth that is anticipated etc. There are varying ecommerce softwares in the market today and identifying the best or coming up with the best software is up to the business owners.

The truth is that business owners are looking for easy to manage, run and deploy softwares. Large business entities are capable of hiring professional designers, thus do it yourself business capability is limited.  It is therefore fundamental to find an ecommerce software and platform that perfectly suits your small business. Here are some of the top ecommerce softwares for use by small businesses.

A do it yourself business entity should assess the best ecommerce software based on the following elements:

  1. Hosting


The first step is to determine whether the ecommerce software will be in form of hosted on another ecommerce server or platform or self-hosted. For small business, I believe that hosted servers will offer better running and success opportunities. This is because they offer services that would be quite expensive to factor in a self-hosted situation; customer support, system support etc.

The best ecommerce software for small business entity is Shopify. This software enables you as the user to launch, manage, run, and operate your ecommerce store within a short period of time. You don’t need to have technical or coding skills as it provides these services. Its scale of growth is immeasurable and is as dynamic as your business entity. In addition, it provides an offline point of sales system, a factor aimed at increasing sales for your store.

  1. Price of packages offered by the ecommerce software

The packages offered by the different ecommerce softwares have different prices attached to them. Conduct ecommerce software comparisons based on the packages offered, the benefits and limitations in each offer inclusive of the duration and payment modes.  In addition, the scale of anticipated growth in each package such as the addition of more users is essential in any business entity with potential for growth.

Shopify offers a range of packages depending on the stage or step in the development of your online ecommerce store. These packages may be inclusive of a variety of products or unlimited, customer support, more than two users and suitable payment options that prevent further setups with third parties. As a starter, you can use Shopify Lite feature to conduct and make sales in social media platforms and if you are currently not in need of a whole ecommerce store. An additional benefit in regards to Shopify is that it does not cost you transactional fees or other hidden fees after subscription. However, credit card processing fee are chargeable as they apply in all ecommerce software platforms.

  1. Simplicity of use

Navigating the software within an ecommerce platform or in an ecommerce online store should be simplified and easy to understand and use. Before selecting any software, sign into the platform first and assess it. The rate at which you take to create an account for your business entity should determine the ease of use of that specific software.

After subscribing into the Shopify software, the user is met with a simple dashboard. Navigating the whole store set on Shopify is easy, simple and a quick task. It makes updates to be easily uploaded and editing of the ecommerce website in tailoring it to your liking possible. To launch your store, you only need to add your business products, customize the ecommerce storefront and come up or develop a domain.  Enter descriptive texts on images inclusive of the prices and upload the final images.


  1. Ecommerce features and additional elements

Apart from setting up an ecommerce store, other additional features on the software should be known. Select ecommerce software that is comprehensive and offers totality of services at a suitable price for your business entity. By going through ecommerce software reviews and through comparisons, identifying essential features has been made easy. Every software especially for small or do it yourself businesses require marketing and branding benefits. By collecting client and customer information such as emails, social medial accounts etc. you can resend promotional adverts, reminders in relation to what the clients was looking for and above all, secure sales.

Shopify ecommerce software allows you as the user to develop and tailor the storefront to your desired look. The control in the management and running of the ecommerce store is left to you including ample space for growth. Some of the supportive features include the online cart for shopping, report analytics, ability to makes sales on social media platforms, compatibility of the storefront developed with smartphones and other android enabled devices and other marketing tools.

The carts have the ability to automate sales, saving time and increasing convenience for the customers. They also accept different payment options and have their own gateway for payment purposes. The store once developed can start making sales immediately as it does not require you to make agreements with third parties. Through the analytic tools, it is easy and fast to measure the ecommerce store performance over time and to predict growth. Ensure that you tap into the SEO optimization; this increases customer traffic, easy access and visibility on the Search engines.

  1. Customer and Content management support

Customer support offered by the hosting or self-hosted service makes it easy to ensure a smooth user experience. Provision of FAQs, Live chats, seminars, webminars etc, are important in ensuring that the users and customers navigation abilities continue and advance smoothly and progressively.

Shopify is unique in offering customer and content support. It has a 24/7-customer support system, a live chat, email accessibility and phone support. Fast accessibility and friendly customer care personnel are what Shopify offers its software users. It provides a library with the required resources for people to solve their own problems or challenges they are facing. Shopify Experts provide face-to-face assistance to developing business entities. They are personal developers, designers and are authorized/ approved by Shopify to offer you the required help in building your online store.

Through content management support, Shopify gives you the chance to enrich your store and website with additional pages, multimedia i.e. pictures, videos and text or even develop blogs.  Third party collaboration and integration for easier running of the store through apps for ready and immediate use is allowed.

 Maintenance of the servers, bandwidth and other technical aspects are left to the support system. This guarantees almost 100% uptime and continuous accessibility of your online store. Installation of new updates, systems is automatic and therefore you are spared the worry in regards to manual upgrades of up to date features.


For to do it yourself businesses, using Shopify as an ecommerce software is advisable. This is because it saves you time and stress of setting up your own platform from scratch in terms of time, costs, operations and maintenance. Understanding the importance of already designed software: customer support, automatic maintenance and regular updates are essential for a startup or a small business. Shopify has portrayed its prowess and efficiency in assisting small-scale businesses run their online stores. It is therefore the topmost ecommerce software for the do it yourself business entities.


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